Warnweste TITV Greiz

The technical centre for textile assembly provides a customary machinery of joining and cutting technologies. The TITV uses them for

  • Research and development projects,
  • Demonstrator manufacturing,
  • Investigations with regard to textile assembly, e.g. realisation and evaluation of seam constructions and processing tests,
  • Sewing and ultrasonic welding technology consulting for the industry.

Assembly of e-textiles

In order to research e-textiles, we use techniques to integrate electronic components, such as FSD modules, textile heatings or textile electrodes into prototypes. This makes TITV one of the leading textile research institutes that accompany the developments of e-textile products from first draft to the assembled end product.

Essential parts of our projects are to proof functionalities and to conduct practical tests of materials and systems that we develop in our research projects. The test samples for assembly processing that are fabricated in the technical centre as well as the production of prototypes provide insights into quality and performance of many newly developed products.


Ultrasonic machine