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Embroidery gains more and more importance due to new functional materials in threads and embroidery fabrics. The most prominent advantage is the ability to freely position the thread systems, which enables virtually unlimited embroideries with various thread materials. Embroidering is ideal to achieve technical structures and allows for incorporation of electricity or heat conducting threads into the textile. Targeted lying of reinforcing materials increases the strength of composites.

Aggregates such as soutache or sequins provide additional processing effects. Soutache embroidery enables to add e.g. strings, cords or wires to the embroidery fabric. As an advancement of sequins, the FSD (Functional Sequin Devices) technology makes it possible to create entire electronic systems through embroidery processes.

With the technical and technological know-how at hand, as well as the available embroidery technology, we investigate and develop for technical applications.
Further focus areas are:

  • Optimisation of technical processing procedures
  • Material testing
  • Ensuring reproducibility of procedures
  • Knowledge transfer  of typical embroidery handlings
  • Design of special effects


Embroidered circuit
Heating wire laying