The TITV Greiz offers white scales and lighting control samples as calibration standards for the implementation of device-independent and reproducible measurements of fluorescent samples on spectrophotometers.

White scale

This five-level white scale made of polyester is used to calibrate the UV component of spectrophotometers in order to ensure reproducible and comparable measurements of fluorescent samples between measuring devices with design-related differences. The daylight D65 type of light requires an instrumental assessment of fluorescent samples. Spectrophotometers are equipped with a xenon lamp, which approximately generates this daylight. To adjust the daylight D65, a UV calibration with a certified white scale must be carried out.

Your advantages with our white scale:

  • Suitable for all spectrophotometers with calibratable UV light in the lighting
  • Constant and reproducible whiteness in each of the 5 levels
  • Reflection factors of the fluorescent levels are traceable to the "Institute for National Measurement Standards NRC Canada" (NRCC)
  • Certificate stating the degree of whiteness and the color deviation number according to Ganz / Griesser as well as the degree of whiteness and the tint value according to CIE
  • Certificate validity 8 months if properly stored
  • Certificate renewal through recalibration on the certified spectrophotometer in the TITV Greiz if the criteria are met up to a total lifespan of 5 years

Lighting control pattern

We offer lighting control samples for the timely detection of the drop in performance of the meter lighting in the UV range and thus to ensure reproducible measurements of the whiteness of fluorescent samples. The control and adjustment of the UV component takes place after the device-specific calibration with the white and black standards. The readjustment on the measuring device is carried out mechanically or mathematically based on documented reflectance values. The lighting control sample is made of plastic and has 4 marked measuring points (diameter < 35 mm) with the same target values.