Reliability and quality of the products are a basic requirement in order to successfully launch new smart textile products in the market.

Products with electrically conductive components in particular must be tested. This includes:

  • Supply lines
  • Heating and lightning applications
  • Textile sensors
  • Contacts between the individual components of the Smart Textile
  • Interaction between textiles and inflexible components

Such tests can be used to assess the processability of new materials, the service life and signs of failure of the products and, last but not least, the safety of the user.

In our newly established Smart Textiles test laboratory, we work with modified devices and methods. Textile and electronic test methods are adapted and combined with load simulations. Since test methods and standards for smart textiles are currently still missing, we are developing relevant test methods.

With our many years of know-how, we support our customers in product development. We can simulate typical loads in the manufacturing process and the use of the textile and continuously monitor the respective function.