Cables which are used to carry electric current or to transmit data signals belong to the major components of electronic systems. According to various current ratings, the electric resistance of these cables must be configured appropriately.

We offer the electrical dimensioning and manufacturing of the conductor tracks as well as the adaptation of materials and technologies to meet customers requirements like

  • Woven supply lines using wire strands
  • Elastic tapes with insulated wires
  • Braided or twisted structures made from metallized threads
  • Shielding of interference signals
  • Printed conductive pastes

Partially conductive textile structures, e.g. conductive threads and printed layers, are the basis for a large variety of smart textiles. ELITEX® is a metallized thread whose electric conductivity can specifically be modified. An appropriate electro-chemical post treatment was developed at TITV Greiz.

ELITEX®, the conductive textile tread, impresses by an excellent processability on textile machines

Conductive tapes for data transmission